About Acutek

In 1975, Ken and Judy Ploeger founded the plastic mold company and named it Acutek—a name that symbolizes the accuracy and the technical sophistication to which we are dedicated.  Since that time, our family-owned injection molding company has specialized in high-quality, high-performance reflective products and custom molding.

Today, the business is owned and operated by the daughters of the founder.  Maintaining his demanded level of design, workmanship, service, and quality has not always been easy, but we’ve chosen to carry on with those original principles and broaden them into all facets of the company.

From design to fabrication to delivery, Acutek is dedicated to providing quality products and accommodating services to you.  We’ll work closely with you to address your needs with our proprietary products or through our Custom Plastic injection moulding service.

Acutek has a network of distributor companies, who provide local inventory and service. For quantities of more than 25 units or for immediate delivery, contact us to find out who your closest distributor would be.

For those of you who are not located near an Acutek distributor or prefer the convenience of online ordering, you may purchase from our online store. If you’re interested in developing a volume relationship with Acutek or becoming a distributor, please request a proposal from us.