Custom Molding

Custom Molding

Injection and Blow Molding parts of plastics, that’s what we do.

We began injection molding over 27 years ago for companies in a variety of industries, including agriculture, consumer products, construction, lenses and reflectors, and transportation.  We have experience in engineering grade materials and have developed special expertise in high-quality molding of acrylic reflective products.

In the 1980’s, one of Acutek’s customers asked us to begin blow molding sports bottles for them.  Since that time, we have developed skills for blow molding food grade materials.  Our equipment allows us to mold projects up to a 32 oz capacity.

Needing more than molding?  We have experience with sonic welding, insert molding, and decorative hot stamping and multicolor heat transfers.  We will also assemble your product after it is molded.

Our inspection procedures start at the beginning of a run, and continue throughout a production sequence, to final assembly and finishing, during packing and shipping.  Certified to FAR 46.2 and utilizing the concepts and procedures for MIL-I-45802.  Our quality is unconditionally guaranteed