Ionic Ceramic Pro Flat Iron

The OL-FI600 Ionic Ceramic Pro Flat Iron from Olayer hair styling tools manufacturer contains the most modern technology which generates more negative ions. It eliminates the frizzy mode and leaves the hair soft and shiny way. It is best hair styling tools flat iron as it works great on all types of hair.

The plates are 1.5 inch wide. It might be the great purchase for you. It works best on curly, kinky, thick and coarse hair. If your hair is long, medium or shoulder lengths please go for the Olayer OL-FI600 Ionic Ceramic Pro Flat Iron. Moreover it works well on short hair too. We suggest using the 1 inch plates for short hair but really it is different than others. It does super job also on the normal or fine hair. But if your hair is already fine then use the 300 degree F

The cord is long so no chance for twisting. You can use the flat iron when you need to use or as a regular basis. It is also very easy to handle.

The OL-FI600 Ionic Ceramic Pro Flat Iron made by Olayer wholesale flat iron vendors contains the adjustable heat temperature settings. The lowest temperature is 235 degree F and the maximum is 410 degree F. it heats up within 1/2 minutes.


The OL-FI600 Ionic Ceramic Pro Flat Iron from Olayer private label flat irons manufacturer is very light weight. So you

can take it with you wherever you need. It is a long lasting product and runs without any problem until it breaks down. It never burns your can also adopt the curling style with this tool.


The Olayer OL-FI600 Ionic Ceramic Pro Flat Iron does not contain the automatic shut off system. So you need to be careful after using it or need someone to remind you!

Product nameSedu SU-150A Ionic Ceramic Pro Flat Iron
SpecialtyContains 1.5 inch plates and leaves your hair in super shiny and soft way
Suitable hair typeIt is very suitable on any type of curly hair (kinky, thick, coarse)
Why should you buy the productThe plates are made ceramic or tourmaline technologyDigital temperature settings
Wet hairCannot use on wet hair
Dry hairCan use on dry hair
Positive sideNever pulls or snags your hair and runs for a long time
Negative sideDoes not have the automatic shut off system.
Price of the productcontact Olayer hair styling tools wholesale company to get wholesale price
TemperatureAdjustable temperature for any hair type.
WeightLight weight
Work possibilityIt can make your hair both straight and curly.
SizeRegular size but use while traveling
Including accessoriesSedu SU-150A Ionic Ceramic Pro Flat IronUser manual guide
Warranty 2 years