Ceramic High speed Hair Dryer

Olayerpro Ceramic High speed Hair Dryer (HD-2000)

This is one of the company’s best sellers and it’s not hard to see why. The casing is a fusion of nano-ceramic and tourmaline, so that hair is dried quicker and with less damage. Tourmaline emits high amounts of negative ions that break down water droplets into very small particles that can be easily absorbed into a hair follicle, helping to prevent heat damage and give hair a gorgeous glossy look.

This model comes with 4 heat settings and speed control and a cool shot button for locking in curls. There’s a powerful AC motor and long power cord. Three attachments are including; ceramic diffuser, concentrator and pick.

Olayerpro Nano-Silver Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer (QD-1i)

Nano-Silver Technology is the latest technical innovation. This material kill 99% of bacteria, helping to keep the hair dryer clean. Also, by eliminating any bacteria on your hair, you get shinier results that last longer.

This model comes with a powerful 1875 watt motor that has been designed to be whisper-quiet (making it 75% quieter than conventional hair dryers). You get 4 heat and speed setting, cool button and an ALCI in plug for safety.

Olayerpro Ionic/Ceramic Retract-A-Cord (RC-2)

A compact model that still features a powerful 1875 watt motor, 3 heat/speed setting and cool shot button. It also comes with a concentrator. But its best feature is that you can fully retract the cord into the handle with the press of a button and the handle folds down for further compactness.

Olayerpro infrared high speed hair dryer (HD-2001)

Of all the wall mounted hair dryers from Olayerpro, this Pro Turbo HD-2C is the best. It’s the most expensive but it’s worth every penny, and it’s still cheaper than most of the competition. You get a 1600 watt motor, 3 heat and 2 speed setting. The mounting plate is made of metal for longevity (and it’s easy to install) and there’s an automatic shot-off when the dryer is put back in the holder.

Olayerpro Hang-Up ProTurbo Ionic 1600 (HD-2)

You could save yourself a few dollars and opt for this instead of the HD-2C. You get pretty much the same features minus the LED clock.

Olayerpro Euro HangUp 1875 (HD-9)

Cheaper still, this model is more compact but features a more powerful 1875 watt motor. You get automatic shut-off, 2 heat and 2 speed settings, a heavy duty cord with strain relief, and a well-contoured handle making it less tiring to use.

Electric Sonic Toothbrush – Is it Effective in Comparison to Manually Brushing?

An electric sonic toothbrush uses power that is supplied by a internal rechargeable battery. This powers an internal motor and brush head which will either feature side to side oscillation or rotation oscillation. Rotation oscillation is when a brush head rotates in one direction and then changes to rotate in another.

Clinical studies have shown that electric toothbrushes are superior to regular manual brushing. This has been known for decades. Initially, electric toothbrushes were created for dental patients that had limited motor function and needed assistance in brushing their teeth. Also, they were given to patients that had braces.

If you are looking for sonic toothbrush manufacturers for wholesale electric toothbrush, then we suggest you find manufacturers from China.

The first electric toothbrush that caught the public’s attention in the United States was the General Electric Automatic Model Toothbrush. Introduced in the 1960s, this model differed from its competition because it used a rechargeable NiCad battery. Other electric toothbrushes plugged into the wall outlet.

There were a lot of issues with the NiCad batteries, though. The toothbrush ended up being about the size of a flashlight handle that held two D cell batteries. In other words, they were very bulky. Additionally, the rechargeable batteries suffered from lazy battery effects and memory retention. If the toothbrush was kept on the charger fairly often, this resulted in the batteries lifespan shortening to just a few minutes. It was not uncommon that the General Electric model electric toothbrush ran out of power before its users were done brushing their teeth. Many families would share the handle which held the batteries, because you could connect separate brushes. The main issue was that the batteries were sealed into the device and would have to be discarded if the batteries failed.

By the 1990s, there were a lot of problems with the safety certifications of Broxodent’s electric toothbrush models. Broxodent was a close competitor to General Electric in electric toothbrushes. Their model was much more compact and it even fit into today’s standards. There were a lot of issues with safety protocols for AC outlets in bathrooms in countries outside of the US. Wiring standards required certain protection for the outlets in bath areas.

As batteries improved, in came the competition. Philips Sonicare and Braun Oral-B were two large competitors in the United States. The public visibility of these large brands forced Broxo to take their sales online. Soon after, Broxo stopped selling their electric toothbrushes in the USA.

Electric Toothbrushes Vs Manual Brushes

Research shows that electric toothbrushes are better than manual toothbrushes. This is mainly due to the fact that it becomes much easier for the user to brush effectively. The benefits of an electric toothbrush rely mainly on the condition of the brush head. Brush heads lose their effectiveness over time because the bristles break down and wear out.

It is much easier to spend more time brushing your teeth when you are using an electric toothbrush. Independent researchers found that users of electric toothbrushes will put more effort into brushing their teeth.
Some electric toothbrushes come with a timer and a display. This ensures that you are brushing your teeth for the proper amount of time and will encourage you to make the right choices.

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Ionic Ceramic Pro Flat Iron

The OL-FI600 Ionic Ceramic Pro Flat Iron from Olayer hair styling tools manufacturer contains the most modern technology which generates more negative ions. It eliminates the frizzy mode and leaves the hair soft and shiny way. It is best hair styling tools flat iron as it works great on all types of hair.

The plates are 1.5 inch wide. It might be the great purchase for you. It works best on curly, kinky, thick and coarse hair. If your hair is long, medium or shoulder lengths please go for the Olayer OL-FI600 Ionic Ceramic Pro Flat Iron. Moreover it works well on short hair too. We suggest using the 1 inch plates for short hair but really it is different than others. It does super job also on the normal or fine hair. But if your hair is already fine then use the 300 degree F

The cord is long so no chance for twisting. You can use the flat iron when you need to use or as a regular basis. It is also very easy to handle.

The OL-FI600 Ionic Ceramic Pro Flat Iron made by Olayer wholesale flat iron vendors contains the adjustable heat temperature settings. The lowest temperature is 235 degree F and the maximum is 410 degree F. it heats up within 1/2 minutes.


The OL-FI600 Ionic Ceramic Pro Flat Iron from Olayer private label flat irons manufacturer is very light weight. So you

can take it with you wherever you need. It is a long lasting product and runs without any problem until it breaks down. It never burns your hair.you can also adopt the curling style with this tool.


The Olayer OL-FI600 Ionic Ceramic Pro Flat Iron does not contain the automatic shut off system. So you need to be careful after using it or need someone to remind you!

Product nameSedu SU-150A Ionic Ceramic Pro Flat Iron
SpecialtyContains 1.5 inch plates and leaves your hair in super shiny and soft way
Suitable hair typeIt is very suitable on any type of curly hair (kinky, thick, coarse)
Why should you buy the productThe plates are made ceramic or tourmaline technologyDigital temperature settings
Wet hairCannot use on wet hair
Dry hairCan use on dry hair
Positive sideNever pulls or snags your hair and runs for a long time
Negative sideDoes not have the automatic shut off system.
Price of the productcontact Olayer hair styling tools wholesale company to get wholesale price
TemperatureAdjustable temperature for any hair type.
WeightLight weight
Work possibilityIt can make your hair both straight and curly.
SizeRegular size but use while traveling
Including accessoriesSedu SU-150A Ionic Ceramic Pro Flat IronUser manual guide
Warranty 2 years

How to Choose the Best Hair Dryer vendor

Olayer is the best hair dryer vendor in China, provide hair dryer, high speed hair dryer, hair curling devices and export to worldwide, the hair-dressing tools made by Olayer hair straightener iron manufacturer in including 6 in 1 hair curler, cordless hair straightener, 7 in 1 hair styling curler, cool air hair flat iron, lightweight high speed hair blow dryer, cold air hair curling iron, wet to dry hair brush straightener, etc. Every one of hair dressing irons from Olayer hair tools supplier that have Ceramic plates and negative ions, Olayer give custom-made design & development hair styler irons services, private label irons are available to all of our hair style tools, OEM/ODM contract manufacture service for your own hair styler irons. contact Olayer to discuss your project now.

Finding out how to choose the best hair dryer provides a significant task for ladies in these times– with new technologies promising to practically rip the power from the atom and bend it to your will, infusing hair follicles with apparently wonderful powers, it might be hard to recognize what to believe.

Well, it’s safe to say these hair blow dryer companies do “layer” it on a bit thick in some cases, so let’s figure out what’s actually taking place so you are able to choose the best hair dryer for your particular requirements.

First, How Much Should You Spend to your hair dryer?

There are a variety of hair blow dryers out there to suit almost any budget plan, from $20 plastic “wonders” from overseas to top quality expert dryers that cost $300 or even more. the high speed hair dryer made by Olayer Chinese hair dryer company will cost from $199-299, the normal china hair dryer products normal cost is around $10-16.

Trying to find a diamond-studded hair blow dryer for this extra “wow?” Nowadays you may most likely find it …

Just keep in mind that those $20 plastic wonders aren’t really wonders for good reason, and incredibly costly products are commonly targeting the “beauty buyers.” Customarily, somewhere in the middle is best.

I suggest a professional-quality hair dryer for somewhere between $one hundred-$ 200 as a sensible purchase. If that still seems a little rich for your blood, keep in mind that professional-quality hair dryers keep your hair healthier, with even less damage, and so finally actually protect you cash on expensive hair treatments at the hair salon.

Which’s simply clever shopping.

How Much Wattage Do You Need?

The amount of electrical power directly influences drying time but also can directly impact hair health if you own sensitive hair. If your hair is very thin and fine or has taken some recent abuse, don’t use more than 1400 watts. If you have straight or slightly curly hair, hit it a little harder– 1400 to 1600 watts will usually do the trick.

Head full of luxurious curls? Whether showing them off or maintaining them, it’s time to really up the volts. Go for1800 to 2000 watts.

No matter what electrical power you make a decision to go with, the genuine secret to decreasing damage to your hair is always maintain your hand moving rather than directing the heat at one area for long periods of your time.

Electricity Voltage Note: keep in mind that if you plan to do several journeying, various countries use various voltages. Think about a dual voltage travel dryer that can switch over from 110/120V to 220/240V as needed.

What Type of Heating Technology Do You Need?

If you want to really recognize how to choose the best hair blower, you’ve got to comprehend how heating system performs. Older hair blow dryers (and even a few of today’s cheaper ones) used plastic or metal heating elements that fried your hair and basically cooked the moisture out.

hair dryer manufacturer ultimately recognized this might not be the best way to treat hair, which could be quite breakable. Too much blow-drying of this type made hair almost crushed.

So, after try out various technologies, most high-quality hair dryers now use ceramic heating systems due to the natural ability ceramics have to conduct temperature– ceramics make a radiant heat that gets inside your hair follicles and heats them from the inside out instead of cooking them dry.

Interestingly enough, the same innovation is usually utilized in confined-area in house heating because there is less threat of fire.

What About Ionic Drying Techniques?

Well, heating system usually creates positive ions that counteract your hair’s neutral structure, especially when working with cheap heat sources. This produces a very frizzy look or leaves your hair looking boring and lifeless.

Ceramics go a short way towards assisting because they create negative ions, which combat the effect, letting your hair to retain some moisture and thus retain its body.

An ionic hair dryer takes this a step even more by creating much more negative ions, and the distinction could be drastic. The water molecules in your hair are broken instead of cooked, static electricity is kept to a minimum, and your hair dries faster, leaving you with a smooth, sleek finish.

And Tourmaline– Is This Some Kind of Joke?

Many superior hair blow dryers now include a crushed semi-precious stone called tourmaline to boost the ionic effect even better. Are they just capitalizing on the glamour effect of gemstone? Not exactly.

Tourmaline is a rare mineral that naturally produces infrared heat and negatively charged ions,” quote=” Tourmaline is a rare mineral that naturally produces infrared heat and negatively charged ions,”] going even further to protect your hair as it dries and ensuring that glossy, healthy look you want.

What About Size and Weight?

You might think something as small as a hair dyer can never be too heavy, but when maneuvering for particularly complicated styles or ensuring hair is evenly dried across the whole of your head, the weight of your machine can make a big difference (especially over time). the lightweight high speed hair dryer from Olayer China hair dryer vendor only 380g, Olayer is the best hair dryer vendor you should try.

You want dry hair– not a workout.

For max maneuverability and flexibility, go with something lighter than a pound– several of the dryers made for stylists come as light as twelve ounces.

Which Special Settings and Attachments Should You Take into consideration?

There are plenty of different settings and accessories readily available on today’s hair dryers as well. Diffusers, for example, allow you to lift hair and dry underneath, so you can add character to your hair. Other attachments are used to focus the heat in one specific spot, which is great for straightening.

You might also think about a dryer with a flexible heat output; when your hair is only a little bit wet, there’s no need to abuse it.

Olayer is not only hair dryer vendor but hair straightener company as well, make all of hairdressing tools.

Or, have a look at cool shot buttons, a feature that dries fast with a few seconds of cool air, preparing a sprayed style in position. Compared with hot hair, hair dried with cool air holds its shape well.


Now you know a little bit more about how to choose the best hair dryer and can make a somewhat educated purchasing decision. Take a while to check out our thorough hair dryer reviews to see amazing models that incorporate all your preferred attributes, producing the perfect hair dryer for you.

Hair Curling Irons & Hair Dryers

Look like you just stepped out of a salon every day with any of our discount hair curling irons, hair dryers, or other products. We feature a variety of high quality products that will give you your best look ever. Our experts have searched for the best curling irons and blow dryers. These wonderful quality products have been tried and tested for dependability and reliable use. Regardless of whether you are shopping for a curling iron for yourself or for a gift for someone on your gift list, you’ll find the selection of hair products you need to give you the freedom of choice you’re looking for.

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Hair curling iron

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We cherish the health of our skin and hair, so using the best natural hair conditioner as well as high quality sea salt body scrub is important to our company. With our site and products you can get all your natural body products, curling and straightening irons and even peacock feather hair accessories- because hey, you’re going to look fabulous with our products!

Our Mission Statement is very simple. We are a hair curling iron supplier and strive to offer the best quality hair styling tools products available, like ceramic hair straightener, hair curler, hair dryers, etc. Customer service and satisfaction will always be the key to our success. We will never forget that we work for you!
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Japanese Hair Straightening

Japanese Hair Straightening, also known as Thermal Reconditioning, is the process of the hair being continuously and alternately shampooed, heated, blown out and then flat ironed. The process is repeated continuously until your hair is completely retextured, giving it a smooth, shiny and sleek look. This guide will give you some basic information and tips on the relatively new and exciting method of Japanese hair straightening.

The style originated in the late 1990’s into the early 2000’s using chemical products by the names Yuko and Liscio. The United States also created their own chemical products under the name Bio Ionics. The treatment can take anywhere from three to six hours and involves many steps with costs between $300 to $1,500 depending on your local salon. Some charge by the hour which runs around $100. As expensive as this may be, it’s worth having this handled by a professional as there are so many steps involved. You’re only asking for trouble if you do this on the cheap.

to do a hair straightening salon that you must have your straightening flat irons, and hair curler, etc. since you will have lots of customers that they will buy this hair styling stools from you, so I assume you need hair straightener wholesale price so that you could earn some profits.

The end result should be permanent straightened hair for four to six months. After the process is complete, please be sure to follow the hair stylists instructions. One general rule is that you shouldn’t let moisture or any perspiration on your head for at least three days. This means no running or exercise. Before going through with this, it is important to understand that it will be almost impossible for you to re-curl your hair. Other considerations to consider is any chemical processes done to your hair such as bleaching, hair coloring or hair relaxing can cause serious problems and damage including hair loss and breakage if you elect to go through with the treatment. A hair strand test should be done first to determine whether your hair can accept the chemicals. Do not trust the salon if they will not do this for you. The last thing you need is to destroy your hair.

Now that you have a better understanding of the process, you should have no trouble getting this fun exciting process done. The best way to find a salon is do a Google search for “Japanese hair straightening salon” followed by your city or local zip code. This will pull up all the local salons in your area. You can also check out Google Maps which will give reviews from customers. Keep in mind that anyone can write a review so use your own judgment when choosing salons to call.

Why Use Sulfate Free Shampoo?

With all of the different shampoos in the marketplace, how does one know really what type to select for use on their hair?  Many of the haircare products on the shelves and online are divided into categories by hair type, i.e. normal, dry, oily, etc.  Then you see labels on the bottles that indicate other additives or special attention is drawn to the fact that some shampoos are sulfate free.  So, why is sulfate free  shampoo so important for your hair?

For those of you who don’t know what sulfate free means, you need to know that shampoos that are sulfate free do not contain SLS or sodium lauryl sulfate.  SLS is a cleansing product that is used in a whole host of products including shampoo and even floor cleaners.  These cleansing products tend to only clean the surface on which they are applied and if used on your hair, the chemical can irritate your scalp and strip essential oils causing the hair to be dry.   So if this ingredient is so harmful to your hair why use it?   For the simple reason it is a cheap ingredient and of all things it creates bubbles and aids in the production of foam.  Do bubbles and foam really clean your hair?   Well, the SLS ingredient will remove oil from the hair but is this good for the hair?  No.   Why?  Sulfate has been also known to damage the hair follicle.  This can lead to the structure of your hair weakening and even a thinning out of the hair.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford to lose any more hair!

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Over time, and with consumer awareness being so prevalent these days, the manufacturers of shampoo are finally starting to jump on the bandwagon and are starting to remove SLS from many of the shampoos. There are still many many shampoos still that contain this ingredient so if the health of your hair is important to you, I strongly suggest that you check the labels before purchasing and even when the sulfate free shampoos seem to cost more, think about what is important in the long run.  Do you want to be spending an inordinate amount of money trying to repair your damaged hair, or by spending the few extra dollars for the right product do you want to maintain a healthy, shiny, looking head of hair?

Injection Molded Plastic Parts

For plastic injection molds, injection molded plastic parts or complete injection molded plastic products, all kinds of metal parts your best source in China is Sincere Tech.

Sincere Tech is a full service, single source supplier of quality custom molds and custom injection molded plastic & rubber components and products, die casting parts, stamping and punching parts, CNC process parts. Our reputation for honesty, integrity and reliability has been steadily built since 1998, and is now beginning its new era of sustainable development. Sincere Tech is structured to provide many of the plastic manufacturing services & metal manufacturing services you may require.  We can work with your finished design — or participate in its initial development stage. From concept development through tool fabrication, parts production, decorating, and packaging of your finished product, we have the resources and experience to produce your most challenging as well as simple designs.
Sincere Tech is dedicated to the establishment and preservation of a close, on going
customer-vendor relationship based on honesty, quality, reliability and service. Our 
customers range from the small start up company to large multinational corporations which demonstrates our range of capabilities, services and most of all, our attitude.  We would welcome the opportunity to solve your most challenging plastic injection molding production & metal productions requirements also. 

 ◆ Our Services

Sincere Tech offers the full spectrum of services including:

  • Design & Engineering
  • Molds & Tooling
  • Molding – Production
  • Quality Assurance
injection molded plastic parts

Sincere Tech focuses on precision, consistency and quality, plus tight cost control to deliver exceptional plastic components,die casting parts,stamping parts,CNC proceed parts.  We pride ourselves on meeting or exceeding customer expectations, whether long or short production runs, for a variety of industries: 
               Auto parts
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               Building & Construction 
               Furniture, Furnishings, Fixtures and Fitting

Sincere Tech is a united company headquartered in Hong Kong. We have several affiliated factories in China mainland, covering various industries such as steel pipe & fittings, mold & tooling, auto parts, electrical & electronics, home / office furniture, hotel furniture.

   All our factories have more than 10 years’ experience in manufacturing and exporting. Our goal is to offer clients overflow service and excellent quality products with best costs.

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   Sincere Tech has been developing rapidly since its foundation, and our business covers all parts of the world. We sincerely look forward to establishing mutually beneficial business relations with you in the near future.

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China Mold Maker

Sincere Tech is an ISO 9001 certified, private-owned enterprise.Our factory was founded in 20015, is A China mold maker specializes in plastic mold making, plastic moulding manufacturing service.

Our staff of industry professionals has over 20 years of accumulated experience to provide you with innovative and cost-effective Plastic Mold Making and moulding solutions.

Plastic Mold Making: Choosing the Right Option While there are a variety of mould options, the choice of mould is usually determined by the type and design of the part, production requirements and type of plastic to be run. Wishsino Engineering Department is composed of the engineers who are very experienced andfull of developing spirit. Wishsino Mould applies international advanced system -CAD/CAM/CAE in mold design and Plastic Moulds Making.
Our engineering and mold-making technology including: (click on names for more information).
1. Mold design services,
2. Injection Mold Making services,
3. Casting Mold Making services,
4. Rubber Mold Making services,
5. Plastic Injection Moulding services,
6. Plastic Blow Molding services,

China Mold Makers known as the “mother industry”, Dongguan, the joint technical schools in the country set up the first professional plastic mold, Dongguan has taken shape in a large-scale capacity-building. This is the Guangdong Plastics Industry Association, October 27 has revealed.

Association, introduced the Secretary-General Heshu Jiang, Dongguan, the joint technical schools trained a large number of plastic and technical personnel, its automation and injection molding engineering departments nationwide initiative, but also the introduction of well-known Plastic Injection Moulding experts to be a teacher. Recently, the school teachers to participate in the design, development of injection molding machine maintenance worker professional standards are being reported to the relevant state departments included in the national vocational ceremony.

According to reports, the joint technical schools of plastic mold professional school students are currently more than 300 people.

Since 2005 Sincere Tech established plastic mold company. Our business is to produce injection molds and plastic moulding service. Through more than twelve years’ efforts, our factory has accumulated rich experience and expanded our offering to include mold making, plastic moulding, over-molding, secondary operations, product assembly and final packaging.

We are capable of achieving your satisfaction to assemble complete projects and ensure to supply plastic moulds and products in high quality with competitive price, on-time delivery and perfect after-sales service.

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We have gained good reputation from our worldwide customers who enjoy cooperating with us very much. For further details, kindly please feel free to contact us. We are always ready for any query from you.

Plastic Molding Service

ACU Plastics Group has over 65 years of combined knowledge in the plastic molding service. Here is a quick list of who we are and what we can do.

· ISO9001:2000 registered quality management system.
· 14 presses ranging in size from, 1.4oz and 38 tons to 60oz and
  500 Tons.
· Mold flow analysis – this is a necessary part of mold design
 and development where tooling and part design issues are dealt 
 with before they ever become problems downstream in the 
 development process.

Material Selection – The correct material choice is critical    
  to product development success. We can help select the
  material with the properties
  required while balancing component cost.
· Complete line of threaded fasteners
   our proprietary line of nylon threaded fasteners.
· Thin wall molding experience down to 0.008”/inch.
· Assembly & Sub Operations.
· PPAP’s and other quality documentation.
· Full statistical capabilities (CPK, X bar and R charts, Gage 
  R &R.)
· Plated components (subcontracted plating.)
· Desiccant drying capabilities for all press sizes.
· Experience with over 60 different resins:

Commodities· Polypropylenes (homo or copolymer)
· Polyethylenes (low density, high density, linear low density)
· Polystyrenes (high impact and crystal)
  ABS (palatable and regular)

Engineering Grade Materials
· Talc filled polypropylene
· K-Resin
· Nylon 6/6
· Nylon 6
· Glass filled Nylons
· Polyesters
· Super-tough Nylons
· Acetals
· Grivory
· Teflon filled Delrin (Delrin
· Toughened Delrin (Delrin 500T)
· Glass Filled PBT (Valox 420)
· Ultem 1000
· Acrylics
· Polyolefins such as Engage by
  Dow Dupont
· Polycarbonates

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