Injection Molded Plastic Parts

For plastic injection molds, injection molded plastic parts or complete injection molded plastic products, all kinds of metal parts your best source in China is Sincere Tech.

Sincere Tech is a full service, single source supplier of quality custom molds and custom injection molded plastic & rubber components and products, die casting parts, stamping and punching parts, CNC process parts. Our reputation for honesty, integrity and reliability has been steadily built since 1998, and is now beginning its new era of sustainable development. Sincere Tech is structured to provide many of the plastic manufacturing services & metal manufacturing services you may require.  We can work with your finished design — or participate in its initial development stage. From concept development through tool fabrication, parts production, decorating, and packaging of your finished product, we have the resources and experience to produce your most challenging as well as simple designs.
Sincere Tech is dedicated to the establishment and preservation of a close, on going
customer-vendor relationship based on honesty, quality, reliability and service. Our 
customers range from the small start up company to large multinational corporations which demonstrates our range of capabilities, services and most of all, our attitude.  We would welcome the opportunity to solve your most challenging plastic injection molding production & metal productions requirements also. 

 ◆ Our Services

Sincere Tech offers the full spectrum of services including:

  • Design & Engineering
  • Molds & Tooling
  • Molding – Production
  • Quality Assurance
injection molded plastic parts

Sincere Tech focuses on precision, consistency and quality, plus tight cost control to deliver exceptional plastic components,die casting parts,stamping parts,CNC proceed parts.  We pride ourselves on meeting or exceeding customer expectations, whether long or short production runs, for a variety of industries: 
               Auto parts
               Electrical & Electronics 
               Industrial & Medical 
               Consumer/Professional Products 
               Home/Office Products 
               Building & Construction 
               Furniture, Furnishings, Fixtures and Fitting

Sincere Tech is a united company headquartered in Hong Kong. We have several affiliated factories in China mainland, covering various industries such as steel pipe & fittings, mold & tooling, auto parts, electrical & electronics, home / office furniture, hotel furniture.

   All our factories have more than 10 years’ experience in manufacturing and exporting. Our goal is to offer clients overflow service and excellent quality products with best costs.

   Company Tenet: Excellent quality, Overflow Service, Clients paramountcy, Mutual Benefit

   Company Spirit: Loyalty and Sincerity, Pursuing Excellence, Winning Tomorrow

   Company Style: Preciseness and Efficiency, Wills at obtaining

   Sincere Tech has been developing rapidly since its foundation, and our business covers all parts of the world. We sincerely look forward to establishing mutually beneficial business relations with you in the near future.

If you are looking for injection molding china to make molds and molding pars for your please contact us, there are many injection molding companies in China, you can find this from google, but how to find a good supplier is always not easy, try us you will be 100% happy.

China Mold Maker

Sincere Tech is an ISO 9001 certified, private-owned enterprise.Our factory was founded in 20015, is A China mold maker specializes in plastic mold making, plastic moulding manufacturing service.

Our staff of industry professionals has over 20 years of accumulated experience to provide you with innovative and cost-effective Plastic Mold Making and moulding solutions.

Plastic Mold Making: Choosing the Right Option While there are a variety of mould options, the choice of mould is usually determined by the type and design of the part, production requirements and type of plastic to be run. Wishsino Engineering Department is composed of the engineers who are very experienced andfull of developing spirit. Wishsino Mould applies international advanced system -CAD/CAM/CAE in mold design and Plastic Moulds Making.
Our engineering and mold-making technology including: (click on names for more information).
1. Mold design services,
2. Injection Mold Making services,
3. Casting Mold Making services,
4. Rubber Mold Making services,
5. Plastic Injection Moulding services,
6. Plastic Blow Molding services,

China Mold Makers known as the “mother industry”, Dongguan, the joint technical schools in the country set up the first professional plastic mold, Dongguan has taken shape in a large-scale capacity-building. This is the Guangdong Plastics Industry Association, October 27 has revealed.

Association, introduced the Secretary-General Heshu Jiang, Dongguan, the joint technical schools trained a large number of plastic and technical personnel, its automation and injection molding engineering departments nationwide initiative, but also the introduction of well-known Plastic Injection Moulding experts to be a teacher. Recently, the school teachers to participate in the design, development of injection molding machine maintenance worker professional standards are being reported to the relevant state departments included in the national vocational ceremony.

According to reports, the joint technical schools of plastic mold professional school students are currently more than 300 people.

Since 2005 Sincere Tech established plastic mold company. Our business is to produce injection molds and plastic moulding service. Through more than twelve years’ efforts, our factory has accumulated rich experience and expanded our offering to include mold making, plastic moulding, over-molding, secondary operations, product assembly and final packaging.

We are capable of achieving your satisfaction to assemble complete projects and ensure to supply plastic moulds and products in high quality with competitive price, on-time delivery and perfect after-sales service.

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We have gained good reputation from our worldwide customers who enjoy cooperating with us very much. For further details, kindly please feel free to contact us. We are always ready for any query from you.

Plastic Molding Service

ACU Plastics Group has over 65 years of combined knowledge in the plastic molding service. Here is a quick list of who we are and what we can do.

· ISO9001:2000 registered quality management system.
· 14 presses ranging in size from, 1.4oz and 38 tons to 60oz and
  500 Tons.
· Mold flow analysis – this is a necessary part of mold design
 and development where tooling and part design issues are dealt 
 with before they ever become problems downstream in the 
 development process.

Material Selection – The correct material choice is critical    
  to product development success. We can help select the
  material with the properties
  required while balancing component cost.
· Complete line of threaded fasteners
   our proprietary line of nylon threaded fasteners.
· Thin wall molding experience down to 0.008”/inch.
· Assembly & Sub Operations.
· PPAP’s and other quality documentation.
· Full statistical capabilities (CPK, X bar and R charts, Gage 
  R &R.)
· Plated components (subcontracted plating.)
· Desiccant drying capabilities for all press sizes.
· Experience with over 60 different resins:

Commodities· Polypropylenes (homo or copolymer)
· Polyethylenes (low density, high density, linear low density)
· Polystyrenes (high impact and crystal)
  ABS (palatable and regular)

Engineering Grade Materials
· Talc filled polypropylene
· K-Resin
· Nylon 6/6
· Nylon 6
· Glass filled Nylons
· Polyesters
· Super-tough Nylons
· Acetals
· Grivory
· Teflon filled Delrin (Delrin
· Toughened Delrin (Delrin 500T)
· Glass Filled PBT (Valox 420)
· Ultem 1000
· Acrylics
· Polyolefins such as Engage by
  Dow Dupont
· Polycarbonates

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